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61 key vs 73 key Electro 2


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I'm a guitar player who is just starting to play keys. I'm planing on buying an Electro 2 and need some advice. I'm buying the Electro mainly for the clonewheel sounds and I'm not sure if I should spend the extra money for the 73 key version. I have a midi controller to hook up as a second manual. I'm probably also going to get either a pc1xse or s90(maybe something else) for piano and EP's, so I'm not really worried the extra keys for that. Do I really need the extra keys? In the end I'd rather spend the money than be unhappy a year later. Any advice would be appreciated.



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You will do just fine with 61 keys, particularly for organ sounds. I have owned the 73 and the 61. My other board is an S90. I prefer the 61 for a true Hammond experience (muscle memory) and I also appreciate the small form factor. If you need notes beyond the 61 note range, there is an octave shift feature that works very well.




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