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Keyboard Amplification--Amp, Speaker, More Power


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The dynamic range of keyboards is wide. So, with a single amp, powered speaker, speaker/amp or stereo set-up, you need enough power to properly reproduce the "presence" of the instrument.


More power than necessary is better not only because it translates to louder in terms of volume. Similar to a car having a lot of horsepower, just because it is there doesn't transform the interstate into a personal speedway.


Neither does having a more powerful monitoring system mean you have to blow everyone else off the stage.


Having more clean power allows you to get the most from the signal across the frequency spectrum i.e. bass, mids, highs. So, even at lower volumes, the sounds still cut through without having to overwhelm the listener(s).


The downside to having a powerful amplification system is 1) more weight and 2) it exposes the sound source. Hearing every subtle nuance of your favorite keyboard sound could be a blessing and/or a curse. ;)


I am still a proponent of group dynamics. A band should not be unncessarily loud if for no other reason than to protect your hearing.


Otherwise, when the need arises to make that B3 scream or tap the Moog bass, you can step on the gas without fearing the engine will blow up i.e. rattle, snap, crack, pop the speaker(s).


Hopefully, this will keep a newbie from buying a Peavey KB100 for a Led Zeppelin tribute band. If your monitoring system works, as my pal would say, party on. Just a morsel for thought. :cool:





"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."--E. Ahbez "Nature Boy"

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Hi and thank you;


This seems what I was maybe trying to get at the other day w/ my post on the P250 in mono.


I wasn't able to quite put it in the same descriptive technical terms, but the end result........great sounding piano or keyboards is the Holy Grail I think we're all looking for.


I don't play loud.....but this concept of sound I think holds true for intimate jazz playing, groovin', slamming R&B cats or bashing rock guys.




Dave Ferris

2005 NY Steinway D








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