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Yamaha Stagepas 300 for small jazz trio gigs???


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I am looking for a simple "stereo" solution for my Yamaha p200 and Nord Electro. I am playing in a jazz trio (piano, ac. bass, drums) and don't need to blow the roof off the place. It sounds like the yamaha might be a good solution.


I am just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with one of these systems? Pros / Cons?



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Did you do a search? I've written extensive reviews about it here. I have a Stagepas 300 and I don't like the EQ on it. Reverb control is pretty useless. However, from a form factor point of view there's no alternative for me other than lugging monitors around.


I don't recommend it for keyboards unless the form factor is a really big deal. For example the Roland KC350 is a little too wide for the space I needed to put it in.


Can you modify the EQ with external effects? I haven't tried that. Bass is fine for a small room and it actually sounds better to me with EQ off. This is great for PA and maybe even acoustic guitar. But it is not marketed for keyboards and maybe because Yammie understands the limitations.



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sachimay, as you will see from other threads on the subject, there is no "simple solution" when it comes to amplification.


It really depends on the demands of your gig. In the context of a jazz trio, the Traynor K4 might work well. A single amp.


In Jazzwee's thread, we discussed the external factors that might make the StagePas more passable.


Beyond that, you enter the realm of (2) combo amps (Roland KC series), powered speakers or speakers plus power amp, etc.


Check the most recent to older threads on amplification. Plenty of recommendations. We are still trying to figure it out. ;)


If you have questions about specific amps, speakers, etc., just ask away. Welcome to the forum. :cool:





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I bought the stagepas, and got dissapointed... heres why:


- The sound quality is not good. Its OK- .Especcially at low volum, it is not very good.


-I tried it for a gig with 1 Vocal (Mic direct into the Stagepas-mixer) 1 Guitar (eletrical. Pedalboard -> mixer) and Nordstage88. We played chill, slow jazz. It worked OK. Stagepas isnt very expensive, and we noticed that on the soundquality. The balance was ok and the Vocal-sound was actually quite good. But the piano didnt sound very good(stereo), and the guitar could be better.


-It has a fan on the mixer which you hear quite well... I got assured by a lot of guys that it wouldnt be a problem(here in the forum as well), but it is. When im playing alone, i must either place the mixer somewhere far from me, or use an headset... On a gig its no problem of course.



- When i bought it i wanted something that had GOOD sound above HIGH sound, and Stagepas is... the opposite...


The stagepas is very good(perfect?) if you want an OK PA that is not expensive and is for gigs only.(No practice-use) It works as monitor-use as well.


The reason why I got dissapointed, is that I needed good speakers for practice-use as well as GOOD monitors. It was also a plus that its the most portable PAsystem ever made. Thats actually a BIG plus!


Well.... as I sit here, I realize that the Stagepas is not bad at all... Its actually VERY good compared to other systems in its prizeclass. What are you going to use them for? (Now and in the future) What genres do you play, and how often, and whats your budget?

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