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OT : What are you doing with your VHS tapes?

Rod S

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I was chatting with my girlfriend the other day about the fact that I don't even own a VCR anymore. I got rid of a lot of my VCR tapes when I left the US (mostly movies, I held a garage sale and this guy payed me a lump sum for the what I had), and only held on to a few. Of those, I converted to DVD the ones that had more sentimental value (HS graduation, some band concerts, stuff like that), and the rest I guess will just get moldy and get ruined with time...


She mentioned she had about 200 tapes (!!) that she still held on to, and it was impractical to convert them to DVD (with a paid service) because of cost.


Standalone DVD recorders have been dropping in price here in Brazil, and I've been contemplating getting one. I'm just wondering how much I'll actually use it, given that I don't watch that much TV.


So... what are you guys doing? Converting some to DVD? How? Getting rid of them? Keeping them in a safe place? Not worrying about it?

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I converted most of my own ones to DVD - wedding, family etc. The films and other stuff I mostly threw away. What annoyed me was all the music videos (lots) and movies (not too many) that I'd bought pre-recorded and the copyright protection wouldn't let me record to DVD. Maybe a shop can do this, I was just using a borrowed VCR and my DVD recorder. I find the DVD recorder fairly useful as, eve though I don't watch too much TV, the odd decent concert or movie I can record and the watch and navigate within a lot easier than with VHS. Plus, you can fit a lot of hours on one DVD if you're mot too fussed about the picture quality being perfect.
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This device will let you copy:




It's a bit pricy but if you have a significant library of VHS that you want to burn to DVD, it's a good option. You have to go in real time, so 200 tape will take some time. Set your self up so you burn one a day whilst you cook/eat supper, and you'll be done is 6 to 7 months.


This is how I'm doing it.






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