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gear question


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I use an ES4 piano, that's new, and an X5D synth, that I've had a while, would like to get the Electro 61, for it's clav and organs. Would I be better off getting the Electro and having 3 instruments,keeping the X5D, or getting the TR 61, which would do better organs and clavs then I have now, in addition to the synth/string/horn stuff I need for certain pop applications, and dumping the X5D? The TR 61 is around $1000 and the Electro 61 is around $1400.
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As I see it, only you can answer your question, because it totally depends on whether your need for the additional sounds of the TR61 (strings/synth/horns) outweighs your need for the clearly superior organs and clav of the Electro. To me, this is one of the problems with starting with a board like the ES4 as your main axe if you have a variety of needs. Stage pianos like the ES4 are less versatile than an 88-key workstation like a Fantom or a Motif and that makes your choice of a second board to pair with it all the more difficult.


My two cents (although it's probably not even worth that much),


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NoahZ is right it totally depends on your needs. If you need a good organ for your mix and don't want to use three keyboards I might suggest the Roland VK8m (organ module). You could up grade the X5D to your choice of new or used Korgs/Yamaha/Rolands and still have a killer organ with only two keybeds. It is the set up I use and I have used it in 5 different bands and it holds it's own with every one of them.



Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others. Groucho




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