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OOooooookay...here it is:


I found a Roland Juno-60 with minor damage for $599 at a local music store. It's missing the mode switch from the arp section. Minor scuffs on both sides. Almost perfect otherwise.


Please advise? Purchase?


I also found a used Alesis Micron for $199 in perfect shape. Powers on and seems fully functional.


Opt for this instead?

"You have seen as to do, dude, isn't it?" -Korg PA80 manual
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I think they've risen in value since then due to the vintage factor. I sold mine for a song back in 86, but to a good friend who still uses it so I'm happy.


BTW, I got a killer


Too bad it's missing the arpeggio mode switch. The biggest disadvantage to this synth (IMHO) was its lead sounds, but I recently heard a trick where you power it on with the mode switch in some position and holding another button, and it puts it in unison, last-note priority mode. Man, that would sound hot hot hot! (No portamento, though.)


I don't particularly miss mine, but it did have some incredible sounds. I paired it with an SCI 6-trak, which had the opposite weaknesses & strengths: very hot lead synth but weak on rhythm/clav/percussive/string sounds. Together they sounded like a dream.


And you might still be able to find the MIDI converter, called the MD8. I had one of those too, it went with the Juno. I doubt the current owner ever uses it. The MIDI implementation had flaws that required a few workarounds. For example, IIRC the keyboard would transmit "all notes off" whenever the last key was released. ARRGH!


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