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Piezo Balance Question

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I'm having trouble with the piezo pickup on my acoustic bass.


It sounds great on the lower strings, but I lose volume when I get the to the G. Now, if it was a normal electric pickup, I'd just play with the screws on the side and I'd raise one of the sides. But what do you do with an under-saddle pickup? :confused::P


I've thought of getting a heavier "G", but that's a drag because G's heavier than .045 aren't that easy to find 'round here.


Any ideas?

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The pickup system needs to be refit. VERY COMMON on these instruments. Essentially, the bottom of the saddle slot has warped up in the middle, ever so slightly...and that lessens the pressure on the pickup at the ends.




He will remove the pickup from the saddle slot.


THen, the bottom of the slot is routed flat along it's length.


Next, he will make sure the bottom of the saddle is dead flat.


Once it's reassembled, you should have good contact along the length of the transducer.

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I also read a while back, that some cheaper manufacturers sometimes use small bits of plastic to shim the saddle on one side, which can cause issues with Piezo pickups (but doesn't affect the acoustic sound). Might be worth popping the saddle out and taking a look.
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