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Sweet find in my uncles basement


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Found me a 70's Bigg Muff Pi :thu: This little guy (not so little actually) sounds great!








It sounds great the only two problems I have is


1. This thing is a giant, not a pedalboards best friend (good thing I dont use pedals or pedalboards)


2. Not the common 9 volt adapter most boss pedals use


Mucho cheaper than buying one :)

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I think it's still 9v dc, only it uses a straight mini-plug.

That's a nice find! Looks like it's in great shape, too.


I'm pretty sure they're 18 volts. My 70's era Electric Mistress is an 18 volt model. The knobs on this one look newer than the 70's model.


Scott Fraser

Scott Fraser
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It's 9v. I have one. It's one of my fav's.

the only problem I have is the push button.

It's a 6 pin DPDT switch and mine always goes


I might just be punk rockin' it and stomping to


Nice find you'll love it.

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Last time I saw some of his cd's I saw Mc Hammer (lol), Lenny Kravitz, and some clapton. Im pretty sure these are the original knobs for this box, I looked at the recent models which do have the sleeker knobs but maybe if someone else has an orignal model here maybe they can verify that.
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