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Lows without Mud?


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Alright, so I went to a concert to see Clutch(a somewhat successful band from I dont know where.) The bass and kick were WAY TOO LOUD. They were muddy and covered everything up.

With this in mind, The only way I can get heard in my band is if I leave my settings flat, and boost the mid/highs of my bass/DI. But when I do this I miss the bottom end(really low, not the 150-220Hz stuff but more like 30-80hz what you can feel like its tangible) If I try to boost the lows at all I start to hit the limiter all the time. I normally drop the 150 slider out. Any suggestions?

Another way to say this is that I can get a good jazz melodic tone, awesome tone for any sort of busy lines or solo type stuff, but I cant get the chunky P-bass quarter notes/half notes that fill the room with their presence.

I currently run 490 watts into the Eden D210XST(maybe the new speaker will improve the response) and 490 watts continuous into my Ampeg 210. This should be enough... right?


I could aways add another cab to each side and make the load 2 ohms on each side, but I dont want to carry that much cab. I also dont really have the money for another cab or 2. And I like to play in stereo mode with the amp.


Thanks, Jonathan






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Ya know...I'm honestly not sure that you really need very much 30Hz signal, if any at all. Have you ever listened to a 30Hz tone by itself? It's nothing but mud...you can't even hear the pitch.


If I need more lows, I tend to boost the lower mids instead...somewhere between 150-300Hz is a frequency range that's still low enough that it can be felt to some extent, but high enough that's it's not just totally boom. Boosting 150Hz will take a lot less amplifier power than boosting 50Hz, for example. I find that 750-800 Hz or so seems to be a good upper-mid frequency for most of my basses...boosting a little in that range really brings out the presence and growl on the growlier basses. I typically cut at the 30Hz point or so...that gets rid of any sub-low bumps and other noise.


A mid-scooped tone sound great when you're playing by yourself...but put it with a full band, and the bass guitar gets lots. Gotta have those lower and upper mids (and highs IMHO) to cut through!





Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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