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Clavia challenge you to identify the sound of the C1 leslie sim versus the real deal.




Both sound great to me - sample A had more grind and dirt so I will vote for that one. What a great sounding clone although you can still here the Electro heritage.


the player is Pierre Swärd, one of Swedens, if not Europe's finest Hammond players. Don't miss soundbite 5 to hear him getting down and funky!


Hmm after listening another time, I really can't tell which is the real leslie... astonishing :o

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These tests are silly because a recorded Leslie sounds much different than a Leslie in a room. Leslies are extremely tricky to record and even the best techniques do not fully capture the range of motion or sound. That's why most Leslie simulators sound great when put through the board live.


But give me a real Leslie screaming behind my head any day. That is a sound no simulator can re-create. Especially when I can feel the wind on the back of my neck! :D


That said, I think A was the real Leslie. B had too much "stereo" effect going on, which is another bane of digital simulations.

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B3er has it right. Even hybrid rigs like the 21 system just have that onstage kick that you can't get from an amp and sim no matter how good. The studio is a different story. I, for one, would take a Nord into any session where I was uncertain that the leslie would be miked right. Clavia has raised the bar here quite high.
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