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Fantom X8 Action

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SDS, I sat down and played the Fantom X8 a few months back. Feature-wise, it is an awesome board. The action is good.


Since I have a hard time connecting with the Roland sound, I couldn't really get into it beyond that. :cool:



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I had few months ago at home for a month but I returned it back.

The action was for me too slow. Maybe it was that particular board but I had problems with fast trills, I felt like hammer didn't have time to come fully back before next strike.


My FP5 has much better and faster action (the best action I've been playing so far), similarly my recent acquisition S90ES which is slower the FP5 but still OK (but this one has no graded action so it's a little different)


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Love the action on the FantomX8 as I do most high end Roland gear. Light and fast while not loosing that piano feel. Almsot went with the FX8 but ended up with the RD700SX because I wanted to focus more on piano than workstation features.


Having said that, try before you buy. Action is very subjective. Many prefer Yamaha action and that's okay. That is why there is more than one major company selling lots of keyboards.



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Thanks for the responses. Part of the problem was the only place I could try one had a pretty beat up one at a local music store. I could tell for sure as there were some issues with the keys and the stand. What I played felt ok but there are so many things that can effect the action when your playing. Action is such a personal thing for each person but your comparisons are really helpful. I did play the RD700SX and FP% to try and get an idea of the action. I haven't owned a Roland keyboard in over 11 years.

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