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Chris Isaak-Solos & licks


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Could GP do an interview/lesson with Chris Isaak's current guitarist Hershel Yatovitz, and his past guitarist James Wilsey? And a lesson showing how they play some of their signature solos and licks?


While not technically complex, the solos and licks on Chris Isaak's albums have always been a landmark of tasteful guitar playing, and the tones are to die for. Especially the solo on the song "Graduation Day," on the album Forever Blue, played by James Wilsey. That tone gives me goosebumps!


I believe the Chris Isaak band is wrapping up a world tour. I saw them in Dallas, and it was an awesome show! I have never seen a lesson on Chris Isaak's guitar players done before by any magazine, so it would be a first! Thank you!



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Did any of you used to watch the Chriss Issac show that was on Showtime for a couple of years... a few years back?


It was actually pretty funny and they always had them playing live, wherever they were.


I believe it's discontinued, and probably rightfully so. :grin:



"Just play!"
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