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Keef to play Jack Sparrow's father.......


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Yeah I know about how Keef looks and all BUT!! I was just thinking, I know lots of guys his age or younger, actually much younger than him or Mick or Charlie that have passed away from this disease or that heart attack or stroke. Doesn't it seem strange that with all the drugs,wild rock and roll life style, the touring etc, they are still around and able to carry on with their music and recoding? I think it's a bit more than luck! I think that the press and media hype has blow their exploits way out of reality! It's like some many guys that you hear are high all the time and barley able to function, going out on stage and doing a great job! I have seen so many guys play with such excellence and perfection in a live setting that I KNOW they are not ripped on something! They may get stoned sometimes but NOT when they are playing, there is NO WAY, I think allot of it is pure b/s!!by the press.
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