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Remember Meeeeee ?? :) Few Questions though hehe


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I think its been forever since I have logged into this forum. Been really busy lately and a lot has happened lately. I am graduating from my Univ. this spring, so I have more free time now.


I just recently went to GC and Sam ash and tried out a bunch of their acoustics. I fell in love with the Taylor 414CE-LTD and the 614CE! Anyone know what the markup is on these guitars, I am really interested in buying it and probably take advantage of the 12 month no interest thing. How much can I expect to save on these? The listed amount on the tag is about $2k for the 414CE-LTD. If I had gotten a discount on it, will I still be able to do the 12month finance on it?


Well, nice to see mostly everyone is still on these forums hehe

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Perhaps there is! :)


Glad to see most people are still here. As regards to my questions, I just found out you only get the 12 month financing if you pay the list price, so I think I will be a proud new owner of a Taylor 414CE very soon, I have been gassing for one so bad it hurts! Well lets put it this way, I have been to GC and Sam Ash about 4 times in a row now this week.

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Ahhh GAS. You should stop by Doc's "Guitaraholics Anonymous" thread.



It's never too late to seek help!!! ;) :grin:



"There once was a note, Pure and Easy. Playing so free, like a breath rippling by."






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