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Rick on Bass

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Hey everyone, Finespun made it 30 hours to austin TX and we're just checking in from the road.




1. Arkansas is sorely in need of starbucks corporate approval on highway 40

2. the Ramada inn sucks...the toilet barley flushes and theres no coffee maker, what are we...savages?!?

3. it was raining when we got here last night at 3am and still is now, wooohoo



off we go to promote for our show tomorrow and to get the details for one that may be happening on Friday as well...


pictures coming soon...





Thursday March 15th 2007


Nunos Attic (Nunos On 6th)


422 6th Street (at Neches)


Austin, TX









6-6:45P 3 KISSES (featuring Tish and Tony Meeks from ABC's Wife Swap show which aired a few weeks ago!)











The world will still be turning when you've gone...


Currently playing with Heather Noble and Maven


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No coffee maker? Hayseeds.


A barley toilet? Scratch that 'hayseeds' comment, make it Barleyseeds.


No Starbucks? Scratch that 'barleyseeds' comment, make it 'Wise Consumers Who Scoff at Paying $4.00 for Hot Water Filtered Thru a Chopped-up Bean'.


Glad you made it. A far cry from NY, huh?


Good luck on the gig.


-Tim from next door in Jersey :thu:

Play. Just play.
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Hope the gig went well Rick! I've wanted to play SXSW for years, but it was never in the cards. I've heard so many great stories about the city and the music scene that it must be amazing, Starbucks or no.


I spoke with a colleague yesterday who's in Austin covering the event. He said that he's never seen so many people walking around in black jeans and black t-shirts. But he also mentioned that he's been out of the music scene for a while and hasn't played in bands in years. I just hope we're not all that unoriginal.

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Hey ya'll just checkin in again! That lil rant I posted earlier was posted by our singer the other day and I thought it was kind of funny so I posted it here, I haven't had time to really sit down and write my own thoughts on this scene.


There are some REALLY good bands here man. I just want to say that first. When you go and see these showcases it's easy to get turned on to new stuff. I was hanging out around Nuno's because downstairs they had blues all day and night, and the bluesmen coming in and out of this place were the real deal. We played the upstairs part of Nuno's where they had all the rock bands play.


And speakin of the gig, it went very well. I played the T bird the whole gig and it sounded great, the soundman loved me! We played tighter then ever with no major screwups, I sang on key and hit all my backups vocals, our singer was on key and had a great performance...the sound onstage was awful, but the sound in the room was AWESOME, and I can't even tell you the brand of amp I was playing out of-some blue square thing that looked like it was from 1986, 1x15 combo amp.


I just brought my pedal board and it seems I need to have my Morley checked out again because it went out on me in the middle of an intro to a song. It came back on but it threw us off into a completely different way of playing that intro. Somehow we pulled it together on the 1 of the actual song we were gettin into.


Overall we had good stage presence and a great time up there. I think I can say I left everything I had on that stage, as if the sweat on my bass wasn't enough. I still haven't bothered to clean it, haven't had any time!


The AR rep from Virgin introduced himself to our singer after the gig and said a few good things, we've been promised as many showcases as we want in NYC when Music Gorilla has them. They are the ones who invited us here, and they have been amazing people to work with. All I have met here at SXSW are cool cats, man.


I just feel fortunate I had the chance to play here, even though we went through a pretty crappy trip to get here. And we are headed back into a blizzard...so yea add more hours. We're leaving tomorrow morning, we've seen enough, promoted enough, walked enough, it's time to get our asses home for work on monday!!

The world will still be turning when you've gone...


Currently playing with Heather Noble and Maven


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SXSW stands for South By SouthWest. It's an annual festival.


More here: http://2007.sxsw.com/


Sadly, I couldn't find the band in there....




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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Yes Tom you won't find Nuno's on the website it wasn't one of the sanctioned bars for the SXSW convention. A lot of bars had showcases where you didn't need sxsw badges to get in. We obviously didn't have badges but it didn't matter we played our showcase and we are awaiting written feedback. Now as for the trip back home...


I'm still recovering from driving most of the way back home-I took over a little after Texarkana and drove tank of gas into Tennessee-'bout 4 hrs a tank, figure. Then I crashed for 4 hours and woke up, felt good, took over again in north Virginia somewhere, and took it home on about a tank and a half.


We were coming up around the verrazano bridge exit off the parkway and though I wanted to take the midtown tunnel to LI my bandmates insisted we follow the Tom TOm navigation and go to the verrazano bridge. One word. Fucked.


We made it to Levittown and dropped off Chris but after we stopped to unload his stuff I had enough. I crashed in the front seat until we got to the studio and we unloaded, and cleaned out the van, and then I got my blazer out of snow and ice and loaded up all my stuff and drove home. Plus had to start new job on monday, very hectic fast paced job, and I'm hanging in staying ahead of the curve. And I am so thankful for I'm drinking my regular coffee again.

The world will still be turning when you've gone...


Currently playing with Heather Noble and Maven


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