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VHT valvulator


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Anyone use one? It is a pretty cool thing to have in your pedal chain. My buddy has one on his pedal board. It makes it so you can run alot of effects/stomp boxes without sacrificing your signal. It sounds like you are plugging right into the amp direct. I converts the signal to low impedance or something. There is a tube in the valvulator also.


I think they are pretty reasonably priced also.

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I have one, really like it. Works great with multieffects too, keeps things clean and quiet. I like the power outputs, use one to drive the multi unit so I never need the power supply (the polarity has to match though). Two minor quibbles, it is darn heavy and you have to be careful of the ground/ground lift switch. It is a very light touch, easy to bump it accidentally and if the ground is lifted things get very noisy.


Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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