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LESSION; Brown Sugar


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What is that hanging on his wall just right of his head?

I forget who makes it, but its the Partridge Family guitar ("c'mon get happy", yeah don't any of you guys BS me, you all remember it too). :crazy: Freaky lookin' as all get out if you ask me. EDIT: Once again, google to the rescue. Here is a link to hardtail's original thread with the SRV Cold Shot youtube video. About halfway down, rockincyanblues identified that guitar on the wall as an Ovation Breadwinner.


Back to the lesson (or lession as Don calls it :P), I think David Talp(?) is missing something right after the first fret barr chord.


Using his open G tuning, shouldn't it go from what really amounts to an Ab (x1111x) Ab9 (x1131x) Ab (x1111x), to a quick Eb/Bb (x3534x) Bb (x3333x) pulloff, to the F/C (x5756x) C (x5555x)???


I've always played the rhythm part basically this same way, but up and down the neck using standard tuning on just the D/G/B strings. OTOH, just because I've been playing it that way for 25 years doesn't necessarily make it right. :grin:



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I'd love to have one of these old Ovation electrics, although rumour has it they weren't terribly good. I remember Dr Hook's guitarist using one.



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Have to agree... he has it wrong. I just pulled out the CD and doubled checked it. I hadn't played in in more years than a lot of you are old (g) but how I remembered it was correct.


You definitenly do not need open G to get it right.


I've seen the Stones play Brown Suger twice live and niether time was Richard's in Open G


I wil say this. I do like this guy (David?) on YouTube. Nextlevelguitar. Some of YouTube posted lessons are good for intermediate. I don't think I'd pay their subscription fee though.


I am glad that Dave doesn't teach lead vocals! (g)



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