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Does NI Guitar Rig only output signal in stereo??


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Hello all,


Using Digital Performer with Guitar Rig 2 and was wondering if Guitar Rig only outputs audio in stereo format whether you're just playing live or bussing it out to 'print' or 'freeze' to an audio track?


I recorded a bass track using Guitar Rig and noticed that I can only seem to output or 'freeze' the final take in a stereo format. Is this normal when using and applying Guitar Rig?


A lot of bass tracks tradionally have been in mono format I suppose, but now after using Guitar Rig, my bass tracks are now in stereo format. I don't know if sonically will it cause the bass track to sit in an awkward space in the mix because it's in stereo??


Thanks for any advice and feedback!

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Can't you just pan center on both? Also you are using as a plug-in not so? I don't know DP but in Pro Tools you are offered the plug in as stereo or mono depending on what type of track you called up. If you created a Mono track you will only get a Mono plug- in.


Don't know if I am on the right "track" here.

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