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OT - Mustache March


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So in the Fighter Squadron world we have silly games like "Flattop February" and "Sideburn September". Right now we're running "Mustache March". Anyone else want to play? I'll post before/after on 1 Apr. I'll give ya'll the 9 extra days since I have a head start.


There's so little in-between on facial hair. It's either Marlboro Man or ultra cheesy...no middle ground. It's always funny to see the 23 year old Lieutenants with porn 'staches trying to look cool. Personally, I've won Mustache March in the past so I always look forward to it. We all go out to dinner on 31 Mar and have a group of waitresses judge best and worst. Worst gets free dinner and a shave.





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I'm already there, along with the rest!!


Trouble is, all the hair on the top of your head migrates to you nose, ears, palms of you hands - Oooops!!





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Oh, we've had something like that recently. A "Mo-vember" campaign which, somehow or other, was for charity. I'm a bit sketchy on the details.


And as an Aussie TV comic put it, "Movember? I can't wait for Whoregust!" ;)


Personally, I can SORT of grow a moustache. And I say "sort of" because I have some weird genetic quirk where one corner is curly whereas the rest is straight. Looks bloody silly and I haven't bothered with it since I was about 20. :D

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Somehow I missed out on hair and mustache games in the Marines. They didn't leave a whole lot to play with. However, I did not participate when we camped on a soccer field in Korea, and all the line electronics guys shaved their heads, then wrote with black grease - one letter per head - "Welcome to Korea" so they could all bow to the CO when he flew in. I'll see if I can dig up some pics - that would have been, gulp, about 29 years ago? ! ?
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