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Just starting

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Im looking to learn the keyboard. Im 20 and hoping to make a band with a few mates. I ahve no idea were to start or what to buy...but i do have an idea of the sound i want 2 play:






Maximo Park


Any help would be welcome. And i have a hero already



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I recently started myself (about a month ago), so I can't offer expert advise. I can tell you what I've been doing that works though, how much music theory do you know by the way?


First, if you can't already then at least learn to read music a little, so even if you can't sight read you can at least pick through stuff, make sure you understand the mechanics of time and key signitures, makes things a whole lot easier.


I'm finding these excersises to be very helpful: http://www.imslp.org/wiki/The_Virtuoso_Pianist_(Hanon%2C_Charles-Louis).


Two excersises I've been doing a lot are:

1. Simple scale running, play the root on your left then play up and down the major scale and all its modes on your right, make sure you pay careful attention to the different sounds the different modes in the same key make. Afterwards play the scales on your left and harmonising notes on your right.

2. Voicings up the board, play root, third and fifth on your right hand while you go up every different voicing of the chord on your left, afterwards swap the roles of each hand. I've been slowly working through all chords of each mode in each key like this, after that I'm going to go onto 7ths, diminished/augmented etc.

For both of these practise to a metronome and keep a steady beat, if you mess up try to correct it and continue without losing the beat, practise very slowly at first.


Learn some blues progressions and play around with them, try to improvise a little. Fun and will help your technique.


Try to pick out melodies of simple tunes like nursary rhymes etc. can't start training your ear too early.


Always make sure with each excersise you can confidently do it with your eyes closed, try to think up your own practise excersises too.


Also, make sure you keep your practising musical, when you start playing properly it'll reflect well in your playing. Learn songs you enjoy listening to and theres no harm in trying to tackle stuff ahead of your current ability imo, just take it slowly and never play through muscle pain.


I figure i'll put some of my keyboard heroes in my sig too.

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Some simple advise that was eluded to in the above post. it doesn't matter what kind of gear you get if you can't play it well. Learn how to play before spending some serious coin. Once you've gotten competent, there are many, many roads you can take to great gear.

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Stuff like Rolands Juno-D is pretty good and quite cheap. If you want to get something cheaper then buy a cheap controller, plug it into your computer and get some free midi samples.


I'd say a teacher is vital, even if its just an expert to make sure your technique is correct and for you to ask all your beginner questions. I'd try to push yourself as far as you can on your own though too, a good teacher will guage how fast you are progressing and teach accordingly, so trying to further your playing alone will do nothing but good (and you'll probally get more for your money in your lessons), just don't undermine your teacher with your own studies.

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Hes called Lukas Wooller from Maximo Park. And he dances like a mad man



So is is worth getting proper paid lessons? Then maybe try myself when i have more idea of waht im doing.


Also any idea what i should be buying to learn?

Dancing lessons?
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