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Cable Hunting in the UK?


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Hi guys


I'm trying to hunt down some audio cables on the web and I'm not finding exactly what I'm after. I know that I AM being really fussy on this, but I'm a keyboard player so it's allowed, right?!


I would like to find a dual balanced cable with angled jacks at at least one end, if not both. I can only find dual cables with straight jacks or angled jacks that aren't dual cables. I'm looking for 2-3metres.


Does anyone have any thoughts as to where I might be able to find such a cable, or am I going to have to get these specially made???


Thanks fellow keyboard dudes in advance



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Oooo - that sounds fun! I'm currently trying to figure out how to make myself a pedal board too. I've found some decent advice on the archives of this forum on the pedal board already.


Focussing creative energy on things other than music for a change!


Can anyone recommend a good and thorough internet guide for cable making preferably with lots of pics? I'm not exactly a whizz with this sort of thing. Definitely very unwhizzy in fact.


Thanks Moe and to anyone else who can help







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If you google "soldering tutorial" you will get lots of hits.


This one looked good:




Aargh. You should attach the wire to the connector mechanically, not via use of solder - you solder to create an electrical contact.


Also, I have heard of people using heat shrink plastic to improve strain relief. Anybody got the goods on that?

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