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one more amp question


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for amps, if the cabinets have more watts than the head is that good or bad?








I already have the head, I just ordered it last night actually. Will this work out fine? You guys think this is a good set up?

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It doesn't really matter. If you want full output from a given speaker cabinet, use an amp with between 50% and 200% of the cabinet power handling rating. Less than 50% and you're not getting the most from the cabinet's output but if you're loud enough then it doesn't matter. More than 200% and you're unlikely to get any more benefit from the headroom (the advantage of 200% vs 50% power ratio is that you have more amp headroom and thus greater dynamics and less distortion) but you will increase the risk of damaging the speakers.


Remember that the power rating of an amp only tells you how much power it puts out when both turned up high and a loud note is played through it so that it reaches the limit of its clean power output. Because you're playing a musical instrument through it the actual average power output is usually around 10% of the peak power output, due to gaps between notes, variations in dynamics, and the variation in volume (called the note envelope) between the start and end of a note.


In summary - if it sounds good then it probably is good. If it doesn't, then be careful you're not breaking something.



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looks like your 2 8 ohm cabs will pull the max out of the amp at 4 ohms which is something I try to accomplish. Like Alex said, you will be ok with this set up and it wont hurt the amp or the cabs.

However, I would suggest getting a single 410 or 610 or 810 cab rated at 4 ohms instead of a 15 and 410.


here are some examples that would cost you the same amount of money or less because some are free shipping and the 2 you picked add an extra $70 each for shipping.


Less money:








Actually I will stop there because you should take your new amp and go to a shop and play it through cabs before you buy them as far as I am concerned.







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do the heads or cabinets usually come with a speaker cable?


im new to cabs and heads, i've usually only ever had combos.


though I have played both of these amps separetly and Ilove them.


I might get the GK 2x10 though instead of the 4x10... not sure yet.

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just make sure its a speaker cable. do not use a instrument cable


i'm not a fan of 610 or 810 cabs, I dont have a roadie and my back aint what it used to be (even with a cart).

I'd look for a 4ohm 410 to go with that head.

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What's the difference between a speaker cable and an instrument cable? I thought they were the same. :confused:




Guitar cables are shielded.....an insulated center wire wrapped with a braided wire.

Speaker cables contain two equal wires.


Using a speaker cable for a guitar will not work....because there is not shielding, it will make an ungodly amount of noise.


Using a guitar cable for a speaker will not give you all the power that the amp is supplying and could be harmful to the amp as well.

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