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Puttin' the French polish to the koa Mantis body.


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Still got a bit to go, but this will give you an idea of the colors in this wood... Photos by Tim Fuss of Pixelwave...











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You are truely talented. you are living my dream. I would love to build a guitars. saving up for tools as we speak (or type ha).

that is some beautiful wood you used there.

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I looked that process up on the internet and have to tell you, that is truly a labor of love. Lookin' good!
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You look very distinguished without the hole in your forehead!!! :grin: :grin: Watch out, though, cause you brain might overheat now..... ;)


There is only one thing bad about French polish....why do we have to call it "French" LOL.....kidding, JUST KIDDING ;)




Seriously, it's lovely....a beautiful finish, helping accentuate the striking grain pattern. There is something about pieces of trees.....especially pieces that look like that, and that will sound like that will certainly sound like! It's very primal.


Top notch work, and a very unique design, IMHO. Right on Boggs :thu:




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