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Recommendations for price to sell P250 at


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I'm going to sell my yamaha p250 to get a more lightweight keyboard (probably the kawai ES4 unless anyone has any other suggestions).


I'm after recommendations on what starting price/reserve price I should put this on ebay at. I'm in the UK (so currency is £), would be selling its official stand with it (the wooden one), as well as the official pedal and music stand that comes with it.


The keyboard has been serviced in the last month, and I have the receipt to prove it, the stand has a small chip on it but that's all - so all in all the whole package is in great condition.


Does anyone have any recommended starting prices/reserve prices I should put it at on ebay?





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I sold mine about six months ago or so for 1300 (if my memory serves me correctly) ... that's about £ 885. I could have asked more but I was really just interested in selling it quickly and at a fair price.


I'm not one to ask a high price and then have to keep dropping it in order to sell it. The price I ask is the price I want. If you have to play games with the price than adjust the price accordingly.

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I sold mine for $1175 US about 9 months ago on Ebay! I think it's playing Reggae somewhere in Alabama now!


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It's easy to do market value research on eBay -- just search for an item and check the "completed listings" box in the list of search options.


I checked and found only 2 recent sales:

A used P250 in apparently good condition with pedal and small bench sold for $1437 U.S.

Another that had more scratches and dings went for $1036

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