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Brown Street


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Despite the fact that lately, I can only allow myself a few occasional, short peeks at KC for absolute lack of time - I'd like to write a few lines to recommend a fantastic double CD which I just bought. It's "Brown Street", a live recording by Joe Zawinul with *both* his faithful Syndicate and the WDR Big Band, doing mostly Weather Report classics, and it's nothing short of devastating.

I've attended their concert in Rome last summer and it was amazing, but this record is even better. The audio is great for a live recording, and Joe's keyboard timbres marry exceptionally well with the sound of the big band. The arrangements, mostly by Vince Mendoza, are great, and everyone from both the group and the big band plays like a demon. Including Joe, of course. :grin:


Listening to this CD really helps to restore one's faith in music. I'm getting enamored of these versions on the classic WR tunes; the overall power is so high, I can't help moving and singing along. Get it. :thu:

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Thanks for the tip! :thu:


Interesting that you say Joe's timbres/chording blends with the big band; one thing I've always admired about Joe's sound is how he fills IN for a large band. Will have to pick this one up; again, thanks!


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Call Joe and tell him that he owes you dinner. I just bought "Brown Street" tonight. Your post started so many people buying and recommending this CD that a dinner is the least he can do for you.


I just gave it a quick listen in the car. I know it's going to be in my CD player for a while.

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Thanks, Marino, I think I will go out and buy that CD. I heard some WDR big band with Joe on the radio the other day, playing a WR tune - it was probably a cut from the CD you mentioned, and it was fantastic! When I heard it, I was thinking - I'd like to get that cd. You just reminded me!




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