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Bass Conventions

Rosa Floydian

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I have been sleeping under a rock for the past couple of years in the world of the bottom line. I have tried to find events or shows for bass conventions near the Chicago-land area for a couple of days but have come up empty handed. I want to find out where these things are held and when. I would really like to see what independent builders are making instead of the mass produced name brand instruments that flood the market. Any help in where these things are held in Illinois? Thanks for anyones input.



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Hello, Corey,


If anyone would know about such things in the fine state of Illinois, it would be either the people at the Luthier's Access Group or Blueberry Hill Bass. I think Jay of Blueberryhill posts here sometimes.


Just a visit to either place would probably fulfill most of your fantasies.


The big instrument shows are the NAMM shows which are in Anaheim in January and various places in the summer and the musikmesse in Germany. These events are not open to the public.


There is a yearly big guitar show in Texas every year that I've heard about.


Happy hunting!

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Hi Corey,

I don't know of any shows that are open to the public other than the Texas show that is held annually in Ft.Worth. I have attended several times but there are very few Boutique vendor booths. Your best choice is to vist some of the stores that stock a nice array of custom builders. If you are not a subscriber to Bass Player Magazine, pick up a copy, there are many ads there for the specialty stores, I am sure there are some in your area.


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And you can always save your pennies and come to one of the many bass "training camps" or to Bass Player Live (in NYC in October).


Jay and Dan will give you a fine start. Tell them we sent you.


And welcome to the Low Down !! I myself spent many years "under a rock" (otherwise known as "career and kids" years). This forum helped me get up to speed. And it's a great community.




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