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New help buying a keyboard

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I want a to buy a keyboard, but I know little about them.

I'm looking to spend 1000 - 2000$;

My only necessity is having 88 weighted keys.

I don't know what kind of sounds i'm looking for,

I really only use piano and other basic sounds (strings, organ) though,I'd like to get more into crazy electro music, but yea, i dunno, do those keyboards take long to learn?







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Try a Yamaha S08. That's a really good weighted 88 key, and has about 500 different sounds for just over $1000. It's got all the usual piano, guitar, bass and string sounds, as well as some other ethnic and electronic sounds. I use it, and it works out great for what I do. Hope that helps!
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Yeah i agree with Keyboard Lord,

Definately go Yamaha if a natural piano sound and strings are going to be a big thing for you,


However if you are looking to get into the electric world later on then it gets slightly more complex because virtually every one of the major brands have great workstations, it really comes down to the exact type of music your looking to create,

And your own musical personality and THAT means going to stores and trying a whole bunch of models.


And even then you will have your favorites in a mix

for eg i use Yamaha exclusivley for natural piano sounds and strings or symphonic sounds, Korg for virtually all synth pads and leads, Roland for my harps guitars ethnics etc and Clavia gear for my electromechanicals, wurlies and rhodes etc.






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