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News: Back Stabbers, For The Love of Money


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O'Jays member: I was 'stabbed in the back'

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A longtime member of the O'Jays has sued his former partners and record label over royalties.


Sammy Strain charges in his $15 million civil lawsuit that he never received any royalties from his 16 years with the group, when the O'Jays recorded hits such as "Used Ta Be My Girl" and "Forever Mine."


"My client has been stabbed in the back for the love of money," said lawyer Charles A. Whittier, invoking the titles of the O'Jays hits "Back Stabbers" and "For the Love of Money."



Joined the band in '76, left in '92, files lawsuit in '07... took him a while to check his mail.


FWIW Sammy was a vocalist, not a bass player. But the O'Jays always deserve a mention.

- Matt W.
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