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I´m newbie on cab+head configuration, and after a extense searching, I decided to buy a 410 GK rig.

I´m confused because a lot of qualified bass players have the GK 800RB, but it only have 200W at 4 ohms of power. Others have different power ratings but not matching with the 400/800 power rating of the GK cabs. More confused with the biamplified system, I dont know what must I do.

I need to play among 2 guitars and a powerful drummer.

Any thougts about the Backline production?

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The 800RB will do 300 watts @ 4Ω to a single, full-range speaker.


If you buy a Gallien Krueger cabinet, you will have the option of powering the woofers and the tweeter separately (bi-amplification).


A 4x10" speaker and 300 watts should take care of most applications, but it depends on how your bandmates manage the sound.


If you want a more simple setup with more power, take a look at the 1001RB-II. Nice amp. 700 watts @ 4Ω. It also has the ability to biamp if you want to go down that road.

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