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Amp question.


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Yes. Unless any of those items are broken, that rig would work. I am also assuming that the appropriate accessories for connecting the three items together and attaching the amp to a source of electricity will be in place.


At least it would work in terms of amplifying the sounds your hands, pick, slide, elbows, bow, etc. make with your bass.


It would not work as a vehicle to take you across the Atlantic Ocean.



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I have no personal experience with these products but the reviews from the owners seem very complementary. I think the 2x10 , 1x15 combination is very versitile and together should be all you would need for most situations. The prices are unbelievably low. A 2x10 cabinet for $189. you can't buy one good speaker for that price. Are they 4 ohms together?


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Rocky - yes, a pair of BLX cabs is 4 Ohms. Each is 8 Ohms.


Mac - Like Rocky I can't speak from personal experience with this line, but before commiting to a 210+115 stack I would try a 210+410 stack out, too. Don't get hung up on speaker diameters, the myth about "bigger goes lower" has been busted numerous times 'round here.


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The only comments I'd add is that I've never heard lots of positives about the sound of GK cabs (no problems with build quality). I'm hoping you can try these out first.


We've had a GK person here from time to time, and they do seem interested in providing decent customer service.


And don't listen to Willie. How does he know that rig wouldn't cross the Atlantic? I don't think he's tried it.




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