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Leslie 21 / Hammond Xk1 8 pin DIN wiring


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Hi Dan -


The pinout can be gleaned from the Leslie 2101 Service Manual, which I think is available from the Hammond website. Or, PM me and I'll send you the pdf.


From my interpretation (I would check this!), I think it is:


1 - Rotary (audio) in (in "Hammond-speak" rotary means the signal that is supposed to go to the rotary channel)

2 - Control ground

3 - Signal (audio) ground

4 - N. C.

5 - Control ground

6 - N. C.

7 - Fast

8 - Slow


Both pins 2 and 5 are connected to control ground - if this is like other Hammond connectors, it is possible that one of those is the designated ground, while the other is a "turn on" signal that is connected to control ground to indicate that the keyboard should "turn on." Can't tell from here which is which.


Hope this helps.


- Bob


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Thanks Bob!


Do you (Bob) or anyone else for that matter know if the audio is high-level like a regular Leslie connection or just line level? Guess you might be able to tell what I'm thinking of doing...?


Thanks again


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