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Helping out some ailing forums�.


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Theres been some discussion over on the EQ Forums about what it would take to resurrect the EQ Forums to their former gloryand to ultimately support EQ Magazine which is also trying to regain its stature.


I cant help but notice that there are many people here that do record occasionally or that have a decent (or really decent) project studio rig and they do recording on a regular basis.

But too often, questions/threads specifically pertaining to the recording business, recording techniques and recording gearare posted on the more specialized forums (Guitar Player, Keyboardetc).

And while those threads/topics receive some action therethey also tend to get lost amid the countless forum-specific topics.


As a longtime member of the MP Forums and someone who can remember how active all of them use to be in the early years I would like to ask all of you newer members (and you old-timers too) who are active recordists and studio ownersto please give the EQ Forums (Use Your Ears Forum, Acoustics Forum, Project Studio Forum, Surround Professional Forum) some special attention and start posting your recording/studio specific questions there.

And even if you are not yet recording or own any studio gearyour participation on the EQ Forums just might be the ticket that gets you involved in the very satisfying world of music recording! :thu:

There are always a few knowledgeable people thereand of course, JJ Blair is truly a wealth of pro-level knowledgeand IMOan untapped resource.

I know he too would love to see more participation on the EQ Forums!


More participation on the EQ Forums will:


1. Bring some life back to those ailing forums.


2. Concentrate the same type of topics in one area.


3. Bring more similar minded people together in one locationallowing for greater and faster dissemination of information and ideas pertaining to recording and studio gear.


I am posting this thread on the other individual forumsand I will be bumping it up occasionally.


Lets make February the EQ Forums month!

(OKthat sounds kinda corny :) but really, your participation is most welcome and very needed!)


Thanks! :thu:



miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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Thanks Miro. Good suggestion.


I definitely encourage anyone visiting Colab Corner to also look at the little pull-down menu on the bottom of the page, and use it to check out the other forums MusicPlayer offers. EQ actually has several cool forums... the main EQ forum, Ethan Winer's Acoustics forum, Bunny/Greg's Project Studio forum, and more. All are worthwhile for recording musicians at every level to visit.



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It`s kinda weird-since the big format split a while back I think I subconsciously assumed that everything but the guitar forum that pertained to me had been obliterated. I write and record fairly regularly, really I should try to show up on more of these sites. Time is limited but I`m game for venturing into other spaces.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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