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Project Guitar: Help!


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I have an SX SST57 with P90 pickups which I want to mod after getting some parts for christmas. It's already routed for a middle single coil pickup, and that's what I intend to drop in there. I'll be getting my parts from guitarfetish.com (http://store.guitarfetish.com/), cause they're pretty cheap and quality from what I hear.

Here's what I'm planning to do, but I'd like advice and suggestions:


Replace the P90 pickups with GFS Soapbars because the stock P90's sound harsh to me, probably due to the ceramic magnets (GFS P90's are alnico). In the middle position I'll use a 5.35K Reverse Wound strat single coil.


I'm planning to use a 3-way balde switch to switch the P90's just like in a normal 2-pickup guitar, and then either have a push-pull knob or a mini-toggle to activate the middle pickup, so I can have all combinations, except for the middle strat pickup by itself (which I'd hardly need).


Also, I'll use two volume pots, one for the P90's, the other for the middle pickup, as well as a master tone pot.


There are a couple issues with this though, regarding noise cancelling. I'd like it to be like a strat, meaning that only the middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity, so it cancels the noise when used with the P90's. However, the P90 set has the neck pickup reverse wound, because obviously they're typically not used in guitars with 3 pickups. Is there an easy way around this? I'd like it to be balanced so I don't want to put a bridge version with more output in the neck.


SECONDLY, the P90's are Gibson spaced...and I'm pretty sure the SX has fender spacing, given the tremolo and all...is that an issue? Are there fender spaced soapbars anywhere?






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