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Jeff Richman's all-star fusion tribute albums

Phil W

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Just a quick plug for Jeff's CDs, I know it's a plug but I've gotten a lot of pleasure from these and I know there are enough fusion guitarheads on this forum who would likewise:





He's a great bloke and a great guitarist who gigs around LA and teaches at the LAMA in Pasadena. I just got hold of his Steely Dan tribute (The Royal Dan) and am loving it - I have his other CDs too.


Each of his tribute CDs feature a great rhythm section plus Jeff and a bunch odf great guitarists soloing over compositons from the named tribute.


The CDs and line-ups


A Guitar Supreme - Giant Steps in Fusion Guitar: Eric Johnson, Jeff, Steve Lukather, Greg Howe, Mike Stern (wow!), Frank Gambale (yes), Robben Ford :love: and Larry Coryell with Tom Brechtlein, Larry Goldings and Alphonso Johnson


Fusion for Miles - A Bitchin, Brew: Jimmy Herring, Richman, Johnson, Stern, Frisell (phew!), Bill Connors, Pat Martino, Warren Hayenes, Steve Kimmock and Birelli Lagrene (who plays wonderfully) with Vinnie Colaiuta, Alphonso Johnson, Larry Goldings and the great Dave Liebman


Visions of An Inner Mounting Apocalypse: Steve Lukather, Stern, Steve Morse, Herring, Richman, Gambale, Haynes, David Fiuczynski, Howe and John Abercrombie with Colaiuta, Kai Eckhardt, Mitch Forman and Jerry Goodman.


(My favourite) The Royal Dan with the wonderful Robben Ford, Steve Morse, Jay Graydon :love: , Al Di Meola, Lukather (who plays a blinder), Richamn, Stern, Herring, Gambale and Elliott Randall with Colaiuta (again - he's awesome on this), Jimmy Haslip, Peter Wolf and Ernie Watts.




Viva Carlos! - A sepernatural marathon celebration with:

Robben Ford, Eric Gales, Gambale, Eric Johnson, Albert Lee, Pat Martino, Coco Montoya, Vinnie Moore, Jeff and Mike Stern (Oye Como Va in 7 anyone?)




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