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Peavey XXL Amp


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The XXL is a solid state version of the XXX amps.




I've played one extensively, and think that it's probably one of the best ss amps I've ever played through. I tried the combo, which doesn't seem to be listed on the site anymore... must be discontinued. Anyway, I'd think this amp would sound great with a 2x12 or 4x12 using Celestion Vintage 30's.


Most folks might be inundated with the myriad of options, including the damping and wattage switches. But that just makes the amp more versatile. Probably a good alternative to digital modelers, I'd suppose.


It's definitely not a plug-and-play kind of amp. A bit of tweaking time's in order, but well worth it, once you settle on some good settings.


I'd be careful if you use a bright sounding guitar with this amp... but it should work with the right speakers. Warm sounding guitars seem to have more presence here, esp. in the clean channel.


I played the combo with a Mike Stern Yamaha Pacifica tele, and was able to get it twangy clean, but also got some serious ass-kicking, volume friendly rock and metal tones out of it. (The Duncan Hot Rails Tele on that thing is great, as is the 59 on the light ash body. :) )

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Well I just checked the 2x12 XXL combo out and ended up getting it. I am so impressed with both the quality as well as range of tones you can squeeze out of this amp. Both the clean and distorted channels are very tube-like. I can believe the reports that people were unable to distinguish between this and a tube amp. Yeah, I'm still in the amp honeymoon period but right now I can coax just about any tone I can think of from SRV, Hendrix, Lynch, blues and jazz (sorry I don't do country). Thanks for all the replies.
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