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Re-string question


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The bridge saddles and the nut dictate string height.


I don't think any trick stringing technique can lower the string action.


Over the top of the stoptail is where you don't put the string through from the back of the stoptail...but rather from the front, and then bring the string over the stop tail...across the bridge and towards the nut.


All that does is minimize the angle of the string from the bridge to the stoptail...which may be good to do if it's to steep and you are breaking strings a lot at the bridge...

...but I would just raise the stoptail if possible.

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Originally posted by superdave:

What is the "over the top of the stoptail technique" that is used on the LP type guitars? Does it lower the string action any?

it gives a nice gentle angle over the bridge.

raisng the stop tail can do that, but you have to raise it quite a lot to get the same angle.

like Miro said, feed the string through the front of the stoptail and then over the top.

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