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Marshall 50 watt power supply, 1st filters after .5amp fuse a better design?


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Hi Myles,


When building clones of a Marshall 1986, 1987, etc., I install the bias on the hot side of the standby switch if the PT doesn't have a dedicated bias supply, but I've wondered if there's an advantage to also installing the 1st filter capacitor after the .5amp fuse instead of before it as documented in Marshall wiring diagrams. If the 1st filter cap shorted, wouldn't it be smarter to have the .5amp fuse blow instead of stressing the PT and ( hopefully ) popping the main fuse?


I'm guessing the downside of this is that the "turn on" current surge switching from standby to on could pop the .5amp fuse, but I'd think that a slow blow would handle it.. Am I washed up?





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