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Fender or Gibson?


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I chose apples...no wait...oranges....maybe both? Apples and oranges? ;)

I don't know myself...I think if I had to chose either, I'd go with Gibson because I love the sound of a neck humbucker on a semi-hollow or mahogany/maple LP style guitar. Then again, I'm craving a tele and recently came to enjoy the playabolity of stratocaster-types and single coil clearity. So I guess...yeah, I don't know either :confused::confused::confused:




"I know we all can't stay here forever so I want to write my words on the face of today...and they'll paint it"


-Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon)

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I love them both and have equipment from each.


I have a Les Paul and a Strat. If you ask me which one I like better, I can't give you an answer except to say that having both, I don't have to make that decision.


I got a Fender amp too.


I'll take Gibson and Fender over anything else anyday.

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