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My First Gig


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Hey Everybody, this is a great forum. I just figured I would let you all know how my first gig went. It was an open mic at a place really close to where I live called the Kizmet Cafe. They host an Open Mic thursdays and friday nights so I figured It was time to step up. There was probably about 15 people there, most of which were my friends so it was pretty nice that way. I played four of my original songs and everyone said they like them. The general reaction I seem to get from my friends who hear my music for the first time is "wow, its actually good" so thats a good thing. anyways I shall be going back in a lil while to play again.
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Well let me be the first to congratulate you. I've listened to an open mic podcast. I need to see if there are any around here.


And welcome to the forum! If you haven't already done so, post some of your songs in the thread at the top.

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