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Help - HB thoughts, reviews & recommendations


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Hi, I'm looking for some advice and shared wisdom:


I've returned to the guitar after years in the wilderness and am progressing far better now (seem to have that dedication to practice that was missing as a youngster).


My old accoustic has seen better days (strings were older than my new teacher) and I've an incling for a Hollow Body. So what is the perceived wisdom of you guys to the choice I have available to me(accepting I'm gonna pay over the odds here in the UK):


- Epiphone Dot; almost new (hard case incl) £300

- Washburn HB30; New £175 (gigbag)

- Washburn HB32; New £200 (gigbag)

- Washburn HB35; New £329 (hardcase)


The reviews on the Washburns appear pretty good (compared to Tanglewoods and Richwood).





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I have a Washburn HB30.


I am stunned at both what a great guitar it is and how it could possibly be that inexpensive!


I ordered it and one of the more expensive mahogany HB's to compare and pick the winner, fully expecting the costlier one to win, but nope, this one had the feel and the sound.


My only complaint was some prickly fret ends (which I understand can happen to any guitar from weather induced wood contraction??), but I converted this guitar to fretless, so it was a non issue for me.


I used to have a gorgeous 60's Gibson ES-335 and this one seems as good, but I'm not exactly comparing them side by side.

Just a pinch between the geek and chum



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Hey Bejeeber, many thanks;


Did you compare the 30 with either the 32 or 35? I like the Washburn, but in addition to my origional question; is the 35 worth the extra wedge?


Secretly I'd like to swing for the BSG custom, but not sure Mrs Bonzie would believe me if I tell her it cost the same as the stock 35!!

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Thanks, good question.


Here in the UK I can source them as follows:


Line 6 Spider II ~ £80

Line 6 Spider III ~ £100

Roland Cube ~ £70

Marshall MG15DFX ~ £80


£80 ~ $155; Boy do we pay a premium here in the UK!!

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oh ok, didnt know line 6 maybe combos that small. Anyways, i hear really great stuff about the cube, havent tried it but anyone who has one raves about it and it gets suggested all the time. Dont know much about the others, but i know alot of people who do not take to line 6 stuff very well.


I would go with the roland, or if you wanna save up a little more get a peavey classic 30. little bit more expensive but great tube sound at a pretty good price and you probably will not need another amp should you decide to play with others.

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