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Vox AC30CC2 Tube Help


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I think I've ready to swap out the tubes in my AC30. The main problem is: I have no idea where to begin. I've looked around and most places say to change preamp and power tubes? First:

1. How should I take the amp apart to find where the tubes go?

2. Which tubes should I use for which places and what models?


All help would be greatly appreciated and any other info. you think I should know.


Thaks! :D

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You should post this in the Ask Miles thread at the top. If you don't know anything about tube amps you should have it retubed by a good amp tech. The tubes go in the back take out the screws and remove the back of the amp the tubes should be plainly visable in fact on the AC30 I think you can see them through a screen of sorts. That is what you have to take off. the little tubes are preamp ect and the big ones are power tubes. You can look at then and they should tell you what you need. I don't remember what preamp tubes are in the AC30 but it should have EL 34 power tubes. THey are easy to pull and replace but you may want it biased by a tech. AC30 class A may be self biasing I don't remember. As long as you get the correct tubes it should be OK but if something goes wrong don't blame me. I would take it to a tech if you don't know what you are doing. I do change out my tubes myself with the knowledge that if an expensive Marshall head blows in my face it's my responsibility and I have to pay big bucks to replace or repair it. I would get some books at the library and read up on tubes. Some amps are easy to bias others are a pain. I would not try that unless you have some serious electronics training. Like a course at the community college or whatever. Not trying to put you off but you can kill yourself if you touch the wrong thing in a tube amp. The caps take a while to drain and you can get killed with an amp that is unplugged even if it's been a few days. Hope this helps :freak::confused:
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I know where they are, I think I'm going to just wait until my cousin or my dad has time to help me. My dad's works with electronics for a living and my cousin retubes all of his amps.


Alot of people have said that the new Vox's are a pain in the butt to replace tubes.


Thanks alot for your input guys.

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