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Field Recorder From Zoom!

Big Red 67

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I'm not familiar with that one Red. Looks like a handy unit though. I've been looking at some 8-track recorders with looping capability and really like the Digitech GNX4. Not as portable at the ZOOM you are looking at though.



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I think that is the one I heard about on a geek podcast. They said they couldn't believe how light it was even with the batteries in it. They were at a trade show so they couldn't put it through its paces. I don't believe you can do the 8-track recording all at once.
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It won't do 8 track but it will do 4 at a time by plugging in a pair of mics. What's very interesting to me about this format is the inclusion of two XLR/1/4" jacks. Yer out of the pocket with that and no doubt a significant draw on the batteries so that's suited to the impromptu garage or basement adventure but not likely the bar.

A friend down the road has the earlier version of this and frequently went centre stage to do pocket bootlegging.


I don't see anything about USB inputs just output. When it comes in this format you could do the USB wireless mic thing... ooops.. gotta wait for the wireless USB mic... I don't think that's out yet either.

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I have a Edirol R-1 at home that I really like. I use it to record licks that I come up with while noodling, hoping to come back to them to create songs. It's pretty easy to use, and has excellent sound quality. I bought a remote stereo mic which is supposed to improve the sound compared to the on board two mics. I've not used it extensively, and haven't yet tried to download stuff to my computer, etc.. But, so far I like it.



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