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Mesa Solo 50 or Recto Recording Pre?


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Ok, here goes my big question:


I am a huge Mesa fanatic (I have been using their F series for a while) but I think I'm ready to jump up to the rectifier series. I don't want the dual or triple rectifier only because it is just too much power for me, I don't need it. I have played on the Mesa Solo 50 Recto head through a Rectifier 2x12 cab and of course it sounded great. However, I have also seen the Mesa Rectifier Recording-Pre and I figured if I paired that with a Mesa 2:50 power amp or a Carvin TS100 poweramp it would sound very close to the Solo 50. The reason why the Recto-Pre appeals to me is it is much more practical for me to direct record and if the Rectifier Pre really sound as good as it they say it does direct recording that would be amazing. So:


1. Would the Recto-Pre paired with a Mesa 2:50 or Carvin TS100 poweramp sound very similar to the Mesa Solo 50?

2. How much more expensive would the pre-power combination be in comparison to the head and would it be worth it?

3. Not really related but, where is the best dealer to get Mesa's as far as price goes?


Thanks a ton, Shredlegato

Shred CAN be musical...
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The only thing I can tell is that Mesa Boogie typically does not allow its dealers to discount their merchandise so the price they list is the price you pay anywhere.


No matter what is advertised, a pre recorded direct rarely sounds like a real mic'ed amp.


Depending on how you get your tone (clean, preamp drive, power tube distortion), the 2:50 could get very loud; if they still have that model, a 20/20 might be more appropriate.


You also have to consider if you really need a stereo rig.


As far as comparing the sound of the many Mesa offerings, I would recommend calling Mesa themselves as their tech support is very good.


Good luck (and welcome to the forum)!

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Yeah I see exactly what you're saying. I have recently talked to a few more people and I think I would be better off with the Solo 50 Head. I don't NEED a stereo rig, I thought I did, haha. Also, the price difference is so huge I think it is obvious what the logical choice would be.


Thanks, Shred

Shred CAN be musical...
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