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How the Democrats really feel about us Military folks...


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What is funny about that?


I don't see any joke or humor in it at all, all I see is a mocking of millitary people.


Is it a class joke? Since the millitary is mostly made up of working class people and not people born into wealth like the Bush's, is the "joke" that poor and working class people are neanderthals?


Is it a race joke? Because proportional to their presence in our population minorities and people of color make up a disproportionately large percentage of our millitary, so maybe it is a race joke.


Which is the "punchline" the cave-man line or the Democrat line?


I love a good joke at anyone's expense, but I don't see humor in it.


See humor almost always has something that is either true or thought to be true; and if you look at any veteran's group website where they grade politicians on their support for veteran issues the democrats this time around were far and away the better group, showing what they think of the millitary people.


I wish I could have thought it was funny and then just be pissed at the sentiment, but I don't even think it is funny.


NOTE TO THE MODERATORS: my above post should not be construed as to be complaining about the post or whining about it or asking for deletion or an thing bogus like that. I think free speech is the greatest gift of our constitution and the greatest of American values. I have no problem with anyone making an ass of themselves, including myself.


Just let it go, let it get real ugly, and then let it go-- not that what I think should matter.

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