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OT: I want to start and internet radio station

EmptinesOf Youth

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hey guys, ok heres the deal. I kinda know how i can launch a station from my pc, where it basically just plays the music i have on and i can talk through a mic if i want to and stuff. Would there be anyway i could run this off my website? I dont feel like usuing all my bandwith to run it from here but i have plenty on my site. Im not 100% on how i would actually want to run it, either uplaod everything to there and they stream it off the site, or have it streamed off my computer to the site then they stream from the site. Am i in over my head?





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Don't forget that there are people who will want to be paid, if you're going to be playing other people's stuff.


Also, I'd check with your ISP to make sure they don't mind you using the extra bandwidth. Even though you may have "unlimited" bandwidth, if you start using large amounts, they may put a cap on your usage. I've seen a few companies do it.

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Hey A, i get 1000gb bandwith transfer a month from site to users so for now i think thats plenty. Ive been looking into the legal issue of the matter and it looks like that as long as im not making money off it i should be ok. I am using all my resources and paying for the bandwith to promote their music. NOt that it makes it ok or anything, but it seems this is pretty much how most others do it. Im not too worried about the legality issue i just have no idea how to do it. thanks man



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I found something on the winamp.com forums about seeting it up so i stream from my computer to a server, then server to listeners, they wont let me reply to that thread, but i think you might be able to answer this A or someone else. I understand the part about setting it up on my computer but what about this:


Now for a server you can either go with an outside server provider, which you usually have to pay for, or run the server on your own box. If you are looking for a server provider please refer to this thread for a list of providers. If you choose to run the server on your own system you can download the latest Shoutcast DNAS server from Shoutcast.com for the Windows platform and *NIX platform. If you choose to run the server on your own system make sure your ISP's Acceptable Usage Policy allows you to run servers and that you have enough bandwidth. Bandwidth calculators can be found in the Useful Links thread.


Now that you have your server the first step is to configure it.


Install the software on your server. On windows you have two types of server, the GUI version and the console version, on *NIX systems you only have the console version.

I am have this for hosting, http://dot5hosting.com/


they only have one package and i take it what i have isnt considered a server? so what they have on the winamp forums probably wouldnt work?


sorry this hosting stuff is pretty new to me


thanks again



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This is pretty interesting. Don't worry if you feel over your head... just keep at it and you'll learn lots.


Its seem like the hard part for you is the Server part of the WinAMP/shoutcast formula.


I did a little reading up on WinAMP, Shoutcast and your hosting plan/site (dot5hosting).


I don't think that you can use your dot5hosting web site to run a Shoutcast server or do any "live" streaming. I actually chatted with their tech support and they stated that they do not support ShoutCast at all. They do support a different form of audio and video streaming called http streaming but that is not like a live, continuous radio broadcast such as Shoutcast would allow. To use http streaming on the dot5hosting web site, you would need to create "pre-recorded" audio/video files and upload them to your web storage space.


So if you still want to go ahead with this, you will need to either 1. Setup you own streaming Server running the Shoutcast DNAS software; or 2. Find another hosting company that does support ShoutCast.


If you want to run your own server on your own PC, you'll need to download, install and configure the latest version of SHOUTcast Server. Have you tried any of this???

IMHO... Forget setting up your own server for now - unless you have an internet guru friend/relative that can assist.


So now you'll have to find a hosting company that provides ther server for you. Of course this will cost some money each month but you may find some hosting companies that will allow a free trial for a short period of time (1 day). at least you can test some things out without paying for it!


Here is a link to a lising of hosting companies that have streaming servers with ShoutCast support.




Other thoughts... Did you download and install the Shoutcast DSP plugin for WinAMP?


Please keep posting back with your progress.

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wow thanks dude, you went through a lot of work. I have the shoutcast plugin installed now. I actually kind of got it working so i could stream from my pc yesterday suing some different stuff but it took awhile to load on others computer.


i checked out the other sites and its lookin to be at least $40 a month for the shoutcast hosting sites, which sadly is out of the question for now.


Right now im paying $5, so i think i can get by using pre recorded stuff and uploading it. Do you know anymore details on the HTTP Streaming? If no no biggy i can look around or talk to them.


What i dont want to do though is make the music i upload available for download so ill have to look into that as well, they probably have an option. Thanks again and i look forward to hearing from you.

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k i found out more about it, talked to them and was directed to http://www.realnetworks.com/resources/contentdelivery/documentation/httpstream.html


so im reading that at the moment trying to understand it.



K after looking through it, here is the only thing one needs to know :

The only requirement for HTTP streaming is that your host server must recognize the .ra, .ram, .rm and .rpm mime types, which are standardized file classifications. Many servers already do. If not, it's a relatively simple process to configure your host server for these mime types and you can request that your service provider add this feature for you.


Here are instructions for preparing RealAudio or RealVideo files for use on the Web.


1. Copy your encoded files (files with the .ra, .ram, .rm or .rpm extension) to your World Wide Web server.

2. Use a text editor (such as Notepad or SimpleText) to create a metafile containing a URL to your file. For example, the contents of your metafile should be in the following form: http://hostname/path, where hostname is the name of your World Wide Web server. For example: www.real.com

3. Save your metafile as a text using a .ram file extension.

4. In your HTML document, reference the metafile in a hyperlink. For example:

You can use relative or complete paths. If you use complete paths, you must include both the hostname and the complete path. For example:

5. When a user clicks on the link, the streaming file(s) begin to download. The RealPlayer begins playing after a few seconds; it does not need to wait for the entire file to be downloaded.

now it says the only requirement is that my host server must recognize the .ra mime types and i looked under supported mime types for my server and theres a bunch, including mp3, and it doesnt look like i need any special software right? so i should be able to keep them mp3's? Hopefully someone has a better clue than i do for all this. It also seems like it only with stream one file, which is fine but after that file finishes i want another to play, ya know? K, back to more reading...



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On the legal side of things,the Dummies guide to podcasting is really good at letting you know what the dos & don'ts are-I have a podcasting kit & have been reading the guide here & there as I want to know I'm not doing anything that would land me in trouble~ironically I'm wonding what to podcast about!
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The EmptinessOFYouth permits you to spend all the time in the world on this.... I'd just be cautous of the dollars! ;)


Remember Floydradio from years back? Pure Floyd 24/7/52 until that faitful day :(


FloydRadio expanded list statement


Floydradio now.... is a domain name for sale!


You need an old oil drilling platform, wind turbines, power converters & backup systems, satellite uplink and a host of hosts around the globe to keep jumping through to evade the authorities, cloaking system like the Klingons have, beer, chips, a fishing rod with lots and lots of line on it, a girlfriend!, escape plans, some fresh fruit so you don't get scabies.. or is that skerbies :freak:


giv 'er there you Outlaw X :thu:

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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