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Buzz Feiten


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do i have it?


alot of big name pros use the BF tuning.

there are no authorized techs in my neck of the woods so i don't have the option.

there are several makers who offer this from the factory.




to name a few.

i have read nothing but good things about it since it was out.

you do need to tune it to thier specs to fully get the benefits.

there are 3 parts to this mod,

1: nut displacement (slightly closer to the bridge)

2: intonation to BF specs

3: tuning offsets, using a recomended tuner

apparently any of the three makes a difference but when all three are used it is better.

i would do it if i knew a tech i could trust and was in my area.

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I have heard great things about the system and would like to have it on a guitar to try. But my concern is giving over control of my setups to someone else. I would rather learn to do it myself, but haven't seen an detailed specs on how to do it.
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