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I need suggestions for my set list


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Hello my guitar-playing brethren !! I am cross-posting this thread in the Low Down forum, which is my "natural habitat" but I'm hoping for some input from you guys as well ...


The deal is, below you find the current set list of my band, the Hamse Bier Crew. I'm working real hard on securing some gigs for next year and it seems to be working.


BUT we might end up having to play a full night's worth of music, and the current set list gives us approximately one hour of music. Especially since we cut out most of the solo's :D


Anyway, here goes: please give me suggestions for similar music (country, rock'n'roll, rockabilly). Popular songs, less popular songs. Anything really ... By the way, we have two original songs but I left those off the list :thu:


# Elvis Presley - Stuck On You

# Elvis Presley - That's Alright

# Johnny Cash - Cry Cry Cry

# Johnny Cash - Cocaine Blues

# Hank Williams - Move It On Over

# Elvis Presley - Burning Love

# Elvis Presley Hound Dog

# The Isley Brothers Twist And Shout

# Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues

# Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds

# Hank Williams Alone And Forsaken

# Steve Harley - Make Me Smile

# Hank Williams Tear In My Beer

# Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire

# Elvis Presley - Teddybear

# Mike Ness Devil In Misses Jones

# Tennessee Ernie Ford Sixteen Tons

# Neil Diamond Solitary Man

# Danzig Thirteen

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Why do you cut out the solos???


Here go some suggestions...


Eddie Cochrane's Twenty Flight Rock



Also Something Else and Summertime Blues.


I know the cover by Robert Gordon (and Link Wray)of Flying Saucer Rock-n-Roll


His cover of Billy Lee Riley's Red Hot is great also.


Shakin' All Over - by Johnny Kid and the Pirates but made famous by The Who.



What about some Stray Cats covers??? Stray Cat Strut; Runaway Boys?

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Hay love it man! be prepaired to work ALLOT!! I will just refer you to my bands website and take a look at our song lists, it needs updating allot but there is pretty much what we do, click the link and good luck to ya I think you are on the exact right track if you want to be a gigging band with tons of play dates!!! GOOD JOB!! :love: DIG IT: LINK: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/wphillips111425MI/songlist.htm
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No Gene Vincent? No Eddie Cochoran? No "HotRod Lincoln"? Chuck Berry? More modern choices like Cadillac Ranch, Stray Cats?



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Hey EPB! I guess we do have to interact...I was here asking about a Marshall MG250 for my lead guitarist. I really like to stuff you pulled for your set but, it's out of my element for the present. Johnny Cash and Hank are the sh*t, and I'm presently reading a book about Bob Dylan to expand my knowlege. Give me a holler when you have time.



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rw2003: our guitarist doesn't play solos. I play the solo on Cry Cry Cry but since we change the arrangements and chord progressions around I never got around to adding more solo's to the songs, and now it's part of "our style and sound" I guess :D I'd love to add some Stray Cats, we're all huge fans so perhaps we'll get around to them eventually.


Vince !!! Great to see (well, read) you again !!


ellwood Thanks, I'll check out the link :thu:


EmptynessOfYouth :D

"I'm a work in progress." Micky Barnes


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Small update (and request for more suggestions :D ) At yesterday's rehearsal it became clear to us that the twenty-something songs we have (see above) already make up for about 2 hours worth of music :thu:


This means another ten songs or so and we're ready to go hit the bars and boogie all night long :D The guitarist is talking about cutting a demo and whilst I'm not really for it (we have two original tracks and the rest is all cover stuff, even if played like no one else would ;) ) it does seem that demo's are a requirement even for coverbands ...

"I'm a work in progress." Micky Barnes


The Ross Brown Shirt World Tour

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