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My guitar broke(saddest day of my life)


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Originally posted by J_2012:

My one and only just fell to the ground and died. The body split lengthwise right down the middle. The only thing holding it together is basically the pickguard. :(

Oh... I dunno! :)


If it's an electric you are talking about, you can always get a new body. Look forward to a lot of fun deciding among various woods, shapes and finishes.


It's a bit tragic, yes. But on the other hand, think how cool it will be to get it all happening once again!

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It's a 3-tone sunburst Highway 1 strat, the first series not the newer ones, with a rosewood fretboard. I don't have a digital camera but I can describe the crack. Take your finger and put it on the pick guard screw right below the end of the neck(on the front of the guitar) then wrap your finger around to the back of the body until you get about one inch to the left of the middle screw on the plate that covers up the access to the bridge. So the crack itself is about a foot long, give or take an inch or so. I don't really have any extra cash right now so I'm probably going to try to fix it. My plan is to take heavy duty staples and dril tiny holes for them so it won't crack the wood any further and then gentle hammer them into the wood. After that I want to set them in about an 1/8 of an inch and fill up the hole with wood putty. I've never had to fix a crack in a guitar so this is really the best idea I've got. If anyone has any advice that could help me out I'd appreciate it.
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It sounds like you're talking about an electric...if it split along the middle joint of a two-piece body (which I believe usually glue the pieces right in the center), and the neck pocket is in good shape (hopefully a bolt-on), you can quite probably have it re-glued...

What kind of guitar was it?




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Since you don't really know what you are doing, chances are you are going to make it worse. I would not do it yourself.


Many cracks can be reglued, perhaps even stronger than the original. A good repairman can also drill and fit dowels if necessary.


I would assume a reglue would run you about $75-$125, but you may make it worse by trying yourself first and make the job harder for him. Why not take it in and get a quote, that will be free.


A new body can be had for around 150-200 bucks I think.


I have had a Les Paul neck/headstock break twice, two different situations. I took it to a repair guy both times, the last guy charged me $75.The glue jobs are still holding up after many years.


I realize cash is tight for you, but consider it may be best to spend a few to save a guitar that will cost a fair amount to replace, if you mess it up.


Good luck.

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I'd NOT do the staple thing....then you'll have to pay for a more expensive repair to fix the original crack, AND the damage you did with the staple deal. DON'T DO IT!!


Find a pro, and let them do it right. You'll likely end up with a guitar that only you would know had been cracked. It'll be money well spent.



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If you cant afford to have a pro fix it, or are a do it yourself guy, I would think just glue would be enough. Staples will just make matters worse. If it really needs dowels then that is the way to go. If its your only guitar and cash is short, just make it playable without trying to do too much more cosmetic damage. Good luck.
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Sux dude, no offense but that is a funny story.


If my guitar did that (my guitar loves me too much to split in half) when I dropped it, I would probably start crackin up and say to it, "dude quit being a wierdo."


I think I drop my guitars a few times a year. They are acoustics too. So far so good.


But all of my (3) guitars need to be refretted.


Frets are like braincells.


Nah, not really

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I took it to a tech, and the good news is even though the crack is large, it's not really deep and the damage won't affect the way it plays. He suggested just putting the neck and pick gaurd back on and playing it like that. The bad news is now I have a huge crack in the back of my guitar. I guess if I can have a big crack on my back my guitar can have one too. :D thanks for the help.
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