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RIP Ed Bradley

Gabriel E.

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Leukemia is a horrible condition: slower to progress in the elderly, while moving at warp speed in children, at times. A friend lost his daughter at 4 or 5, after innumerable lumbar punctures and endless chemo. His marriage also didn't survive the ordeal.
Never a DUH! moment! Well, almost never. OK, OK! Sometimes never!
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Originally posted by Bluesape:


My dad is going on 70 this April.. every time someone in their 60's dies it makes me think about him. He's in good shape. Actually makes me think he's approaching 60 and not 70. Then I remember he's 30 years, 2 days older than me. ;)


65 still seems to early for someone with the means to have decent healthcare his entire adult life. :( Just when we think we're winning the war, the world hits back and reminds us of the blink in time all of human history has had, and the unperceptable (in geologic time) moment that is a long human life...


Sorry, I digress..

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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Not at all, Neil. I think about my grandfather a lot when I hear about things like this. He's approaching 85, and he had a run of bad health last year that we were almost certain was going to claim him. Feisty old coot that he is, though, he bounced back, 70 pounds lighter for the journey (which was actually a good thing for him)


I miss him, though. He lives in NH, and I haven't seen him since he came down for a visit 4 years ago. :(

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Ed was good friend and a Huge Parrot Head and a big fan of Little Feat. I had the honor of he and his wife's company at the New Orleans Jazz Fest.


Ed got his start in broadcasting as a DJ on a Jazz station. He was a big music fan and supporter of a lot of musical events.


Many of us could tell Ed was not 100%, a couple of times he blamed his bad knees but I think Jimmy Buffet, a close friend of Ed's knew.


I will always remember Ed for his rendition of "60 minute Man" with Little Feat and Jimmy signing backgrounds while taking shots of Tequila and drinking Coronas


Life is short and the nurse just told me to turn this thing off.



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