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Another kid whose guitar is bigger than they are


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Hahaha that is cute! It looks really big on her. But don't make her dance, I mean the guitar playing is cute enough.

"My two Fender Basses, I just call them "Lesbos" because of the time they spend together in the closet."-Durockrolly


This has been a Maisie production. (Directed in part by Spiderman)

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Here she is playing a country gig with Jimi Hendrix!


:freak: Or something like that. :D:D:D


I'm guessing she was born 1997-08-26 (from her website), making her now just 9 years old.


I agree with Maisie; the choreography is just a little too cheesy and distracts from the music. But I think different countries have different views as to what is or is not cheesy. (No choreography in the "Walk Don't Run" clip, BTW.)


FWIW, I remember doing my own cheesy dancing when I was 11. :o


Definitely big on the cute factor, and she holds her own. :thu:

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